Month: May 2013

Ways to Improve Fuel Efficiency for Springtime Driving

With gas prices rising, everyone is looking for ways to improve fuel efficiency. During the spring, fuel efficiency becomes even more important as more people are shaking off the winter blues by traveling by car to scenic or warmer destinations.

Brake Repair for Spring Break

Springtime is like a magnet that draws children outdoors to frolic in the warmer weather when it is not raining. There have been many people who have had to suddenly stop because a child ran out into the street to

Why the Service Engine Soon Light Might Come On

When your service engine soon light comes on, many things may cross your mind.  Is there really a problem? What is causing this light to come on? How much will this cost?  How soon should you take it to the

When a Tire Repair Is Needed

Even though most people know the importance of general car maintenance, they still miss checking their tires until one goes flat.  During winter, tires take a beating from potholes and bumpy, icy roads.  It’s very important to have your tires