Month: June 2013

How Important is a Wheel Alignment?

Suppose you are driving along and all of a sudden, your car begins to pull to one side. What do you do? Your car may be telling you that you need a wheel alignment. A wheel alignment is the process


When you get a flat tire, having the correct tools to fix the problem is important. Experiencing a flat tire for the first time can be a dangerous situation. Usually you might experience pulling to one side or another or

How to Tell When it is Time for Brake Repair

When you are planning your springtime traveling, you should make sure that your car is in shape. If you have had your spring general car maintenance done, then you will have an idea of the auto repair that needs to

Brake Repair Made Frugal with Ease

In the weak economy, people are looking for ways to save money. Even with your diligence in general car maintenance and careful driving, you may still find yourself in need of an occasional auto repair. One repair that is frequently

Spring Vehicle Safety Inspection

The winter season can be very hard on your car.  As spring hits full swing, it is the perfect time to have an automotive technician inspect all aspects of your vehicle that you might have neglected during those cold, icy

Stop the Service Engine Soon Light From Stopping You This Spring

Springtime is the time for getting out of the house and shaking off those winter cabin fever blues. You may have your entire spring itinerary planned out, but then you get sidelined by the service engine soon light. Before you

Freshen Up for Spring with an Oil Change

The car has been compared to the human body on many instances. If the engine of your car can be considered the heart, then the engine oil can be considered the lifeblood that flows through the heart. Oil of the

Understanding the Check Engine Light

Most modern vehicles have what is known as an Electric Control Module (ECM). Throughout the engine components there are several sensors placed at various points to monitor the engine’s performance. When something is not performing up to standard, the ECM