Month: September 2013

4 parts to inspect on your vehicle this fall

Now is a good time to get your vehicle ready for the change in seasons. It is important to go to regularly scheduled maintenances for your vehicle. This can help ensure that it is working as well as possible. It

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6 ways to help prevent a flat tire on your vehicle

Having a flat tire is something that everyone wants to try and avoid. While sometimes a flat tire is unavoidable, there can be some simple steps you can take to help prolong the life of the tires. This can also

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Don’t forget to check the windshield washer fluid

A way to ensure the windshield wipers are in good condition and clean the windshield effectively is to maintain the vehicle’s wiper fluid. Regularly check the fluid level to make sure it is topped off in the reservoir. The windshield

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Getting your vehicle’s engine tuned up

If you notice some issues with your vehicle’s engine, it might be time for an engine tune-up. The engine will begin to wear out over time. By bringing it in and having us check it, we can determine what or

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