Month: July 2014

Help get the Best Fuel Mileage for your Vehicle

To help get the best fuel mileage possible, it is important to go to regularly scheduled maintenances for your vehicle. This can help to determine if parts or components of the vehicle need to be repaired or replaced. If there

Make sure the Headlights are working Properly

The headlights are an important part for your vehicle to your safety. Headlights serve the purpose of illuminating the road ahead to provide visibility for you. It also helps to make you visible to others around you. Good headlights can

Signs the Starter might be going out

To help keep the vehicle in the best condition possible, make sure to go to regular maintenances. The starter in the vehicle is a small motor that is used to crank your engine each time you start your car. Without

What you should know about the Parking Brake on your vehicle

The parking brake or also known as the emergency brake mechanism on your vehicle, is a device that when it is applied it contracts the rear pads and holds the weight of the vehicle by the rear brakes. It is