Month: October 2014

The Tire Should Be Checked on a Regular Basis

When inspecting your vehicle, always remember to check the tires. This will also include checking the air pressure in each tire, even the spare. Tire pressure indicates the amount of air pressure a tire must have to be properly inflated.

Maintain the Antifreeze this Winter

To help keep your vehicle in the best condition possible, you will want to have it maintained. This is important because we can check for all the parts and components to ensure they are working correctly. If there is an

Inspect the Lights on Your Vehicle Regularly

One thing you might forget about inspecting on your vehicle are the lights. The headlights, taillights, and blinkers are all important for the overall safety of you and your passengers. Without the lights, you would not be able to see

What Fuel Efficiency Means

The fuel efficiency refers to how effectively your vehicle converts fuel into the energy that actually powers the vehicle. While shopping for a new vehicle, the fuel efficiency rating is available on the window sticker. The values that are given