Month: November 2014

Make Sure Your Vehicle is Safe When You Drive

When driving, it is important to remember about the safety. Vehicles weigh several tons a piece and can travel at high speeds past pedestrians and solid obstructions. If you are not staying safe when driving, or following regulations, you could

Tips to Keep Your Vehicle Running Well Through the Winter

Knowing how to take proper care of your vehicle in the winter is important. As the temperatures become cold and drop, the roads can become slippery and icy. There is also the possibility of sudden snowstorms arising, which will make

Knowing the Anti-Lock Brake System in your Vehicle

There are many different safety features that your vehicle will come equipped with. Among the best safety systems your vehicle comes standard with are the brakes. Modern vehicles include the ability to provide safe stopping power by providing anti-lock systems.

What is the Radiator

To help keep your vehicle well maintained, make sure to bring the vehicle in on a regular basis. Part of inspecting the vehicle will deal with the radiator. This is important because the radiator is used for cooling the engine