Month: May 2016

Top Off Fluids before Your Summer Road Trip

              Before taking off on your vacation or summer road trip, there are some things you should do to ensure your vehicle is in the best condition possible. An important task includes topping off

Having a Good Suspension System for Your Vehicle

                When you own a vehicle, you will want to take care of it as well as possible. A lot of what will allow you to have great comfort includes the ability to

Spring Cleaning is For More Than Just Your Home

              Over the winter, salt and other grime will form on the exterior and interior of the vehicle. Washing the car in the driveway will clean the obvious outside areas, but the undercarriage can

Improve Safety by Having Proper Windshield Wipers

              All modern vehicles are equipped with a thick windshield that will protect drivers from the elements. A windshield is made of glass, so it is not impermeable to damage. Sometimes, other drivers can