Month: July 2016

Improve the Fuel Mileage when you Drive

              From tires to fluid checks to oil changes, you want to do everything possible to get the maximum value from the money that you spend on gas. If your tires have too little

Inspect the Vehicle Regularly

              One of the most important things to consider before leaving on a road trip is the oil and other fluids of the vehicle. Make sure that they are all at the appropriate levels

D&D Wants To Help Keep Your Fluid Levels Correct

by Will DuBois   Over the past few years the technicians at D&D have noticed an alarming trend with LOW fluid levels as vehicles come in for service, especially oil levels.  In many cases the oil is not even registering

Inspect the Belts and Hoses

              When inspecting the vehicle for the condition of parts, also remember about the belts and hoses that are under the hood. These parts are often forgotten about until there is an issue with

The Brake Pads are Important for the Brake System

              Having the vehicle inspected is important to the overall safety and reliability of it. One area that should be inspected is the brake system. You will want to check the brake pads and