Month: March 2017

Noticing the Battery Losing Power

  If the vehicle is slow to crank when starting, it is sign the battery may be wearing out. There may also be dimming of the display or backlighting on the dashboard. A poorly charged battery will also tend to

The Benefits of Tire Alignment

                    Having a wheel alignment done on your vehicle can help the performance and lifespan of the tries. Having this maintenance done on the vehicle can help prevent any uneven or

Inspect the Tires so the Fuel Efficiency can Improve

              A benefit for making sure the vehicle is maintained on a regular basis is that it can help save you money at the pump. A vehicle that is checked regularly can increase the

Inspecting the Brake Rotors

              It is important to go to regularly scheduled maintenance appointments for you vehicle. While we check the brakes, we will also look at the rotors. Your brakes themselves might be fine, but you