Month: June 2017

Topping off the Fluids for your Vehicle

    Making sure that the fluids are up in your vehicle is important to its overall performance. Every vehicle has tanks or reservoirs that contain each of the fluids. These fluids must be kept and maintained at the recommended

Inspecting the Battery

              It is important to check your vehicle’s battery, especially before long trips. Making sure your vehicle is in for its regularly scheduled tune-up can also help reduce the chance of your battery going

Having the Tires in the Best Condition is Important

              Tires provide traction on roads and other surfaces. The size and the style of the tire can have an effect on fuel efficiency as well as your ability to maintain traction on certain

Ways to Improve the Fuel Efficiency

                  One of the easiest ways that you can get better fuel efficiency is to make sure that you are changing your tires. You should also make sure that you are bringing