Month: September 2017

Maintenance can Improve the Vehicle

  Having the vehicle brought in for regular maintenances is important. This can help to determine if a part is starting to wear and needs to be replaced. When we inspect the vehicle, we can alert you to any problems

Inspecting the Windshield Regularly

    The windshield, for many drivers, is the most used item of their entire automobile. It is also one of the biggest parts of keeping drivers safe on the road. It is all that stands between drivers and the

Maintenance Tips for the Battery

  The battery is an important part under the hood of your vehicle. The battery helps to send power to the alternator and the rest of your vehicle in order for it to start and operate properly. If you notice

Caring for your Tires Properly

  The tires are important because they are the only part that will make direct contact with the surface of the road. Without proper tires, your vehicle will have issues and be difficult to steer and handle. If you are

The Transmission is Important

                There are two designs of transmissions; automatic and manual. Automatic vehicles perform all the work for you such as shifting from precise operating systems. Manual transmissions are run entirely by the driver.