Month: February 2018

Why Brakes Need to be Inspected

  Brake repair should be checked regularly. The brakes are important for your vehicle, because they allow you to slow down and stop, allowing you to avoid an accident. You will need to have regular maintenance done on the brakes

Winter Means you have to Clear the Windshield

Clearing off the windshield is important. After a winter storm has ended, you probably have to dig out your car. You will also need to clear off the windshield and other windows for your vehicle. Not only should you make

Dashboard Warning Lights for your Car

            A red warning light on the dashboard usually indicates a serious car problem or a safety issue. A seat belt that is not buckled or if the hazard lights are safety issues. Those warning lights

How the Winter Weather Can Affect your Vehicle

  Winter care for your vehicle is needed. Keeping your vehicle well maintained is important, especially in the winter. There are several things you should inspect on the vehicle regularly. One thing is the filter on your vehicle. Your vehicle’s