Month: April 2018

What to do if the Power Steering Quits

  Making sure the power steering is working is important. If the power steering goes out, you will find it difficult to steer and turn the wheel. This is because the steering functionality has quit for your car. The technology

Why Tire Rotations are Needed for your Car

  Tire rotations are important. They help even out tire wear by allowing each tire to serve in as many of the vehicle’s wheel positions as possible. Remember, tire rotation can’t correct wear problems due to worn mechanical parts or

National Car Care Month

                  April is National Car Care Month. It is the time of year to give your car some extra attention. Basic maintenance can go a long way toward improving the safety and

Tips to Remember when Towing a Boat

Before you get ready to tow your boat, there are some things you will need to do. The most important thing is to have your vehicle inspected. The vehicle should also be checked to ensure that it is capable of