New Technology in a New Car


When new technology comes out for a vehicle, you will want to be aware of what it does and how it can help your vehicle. Most of these features are designed to keep your vehicle and you safe. Make sure that you look up in the owner’s manual how to use and operate the features. If you do not know how they work, they will not do their job of improving the safety of everyone. You can also ask the car dealer what each technology feature includes for the vehicle. This way, you will know how to use them, and if it is something that is beneficial for you.

Technology features

One technology and safety that you should consider is having a Bluetooth and hands free connection for your cell phone. Now that it is illegal to use your cell phone and hold it when driving, you will want to invest in a Bluetooth attachment for your vehicle. This way, you can still make and receive calls, but without holding the cell phone. That also means you will not be distracted by the cell phone and pushing any buttons while using it. Some Bluetooth features will allow you to call or answer the phone, just by voice commands to it. This way, you can keep both your hands on the wheel, and pay attention to the road.


You will also want to have technology features that help the safety by noticing blind spots. One example would be the backup camera for your vehicle. This will help you to notice anything that is behind your vehicle. Having the camera will alert you to any person, item, thing, or animal that may be right behind your vehicle that you cannot see. By seeing directly behind you when you are backing up, you can help to avoid a potential dangerous situation.