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Checking the Battery during the Winter

  During the cold, winter months, you will want to make sure your battery is properly charged. The temperatures can drain the battery quickly when it is cold. When there is a problem with how the vehicle starts, it could

Battery Care is Important

The battery of your vehicle should be inspected several times during the year. One way to notice if it is wearing out is on how it starts. If the vehicle is difficult to start or turn over, it may be

Summer Vehicle check

  While cold temperatures can be rough on your car, so can the high heat and humidity. This will bring its own set of challenges, making summer car care equally essential. If you notice any issues your vehicle might have,

Why Batteries are an Issue in Winter

    There are three main contributing factors that lead to batteries dying in the winter. This can be from reduced capacity, increased draw from starter motors, or increased draw from accessories. In the winter you will want your vehicle

Maintenance Tips for the Battery

  The battery is an important part under the hood of your vehicle. The battery helps to send power to the alternator and the rest of your vehicle in order for it to start and operate properly. If you notice

The Importance of the Battery

  The way the vehicle is powered is from the electric energy that the battery creates. With a poor battery, your vehicle starts to become unreliable. There are signs that the battery may need to be recharged or replaced fairly

Inspecting the Battery

              It is important to check your vehicle’s battery, especially before long trips. Making sure your vehicle is in for its regularly scheduled tune-up can also help reduce the chance of your battery going

Noticing the Battery Losing Power

  If the vehicle is slow to crank when starting, it is sign the battery may be wearing out. There may also be dimming of the display or backlighting on the dashboard. A poorly charged battery will also tend to

Properly Working Battery for Winter

  Making sure the battery has clean connections and is fully charged will benefit you and your vehicle. If you battery goes dead, your vehicle will not be powered and will not start. You can start to notice some signs

Maintenance for the Battery

  If you notice that the vehicle is slow to start or it is becoming more difficult, there could be an issue with the battery. Make sure to bring the vehicle in as soon as you can so we can