Category: Safe Driving

Traveling Safe on the Road

  When you are traveling this summer, you will want to remember to drive safely. With many others on the road, you will want to make sure you drive slowly and at the posted speed. Also make sure that as

Keeping Tires in the Best Condition for Winter

  The colder temperatures of winter will result in poor air pressure for your tires. You may not notice it at first, but with time, the air will go out of them. When it is colder, this results in the

Signs the Radiator is Failing

The radiator is important to the vehicle. The purpose of the radiator is to keep the engine from overheating. The engine produces heat while it is running. The coolant absorbs the heat, then passes it through the radiator where it

Understanding the Lights on your Vehicle

Having a vehicle means you should keep it in the best condition possible when you own it. You should make sure that you take your vehicle in for regular maintenance inspections. If you are not sure how often to bring

The Importance of the Battery

  The way the vehicle is powered is from the electric energy that the battery creates. With a poor battery, your vehicle starts to become unreliable. There are signs that the battery may need to be recharged or replaced fairly

Having the Tires in the Best Condition is Important

              Tires provide traction on roads and other surfaces. The size and the style of the tire can have an effect on fuel efficiency as well as your ability to maintain traction on certain

Knowing when an Oil Change is Needed

              Keeping your vehicle in the best condition possible is important. This includes remembering to change the oil in the vehicle. If you to choose to ignore the oil change, it could end up

Inspecting the Brake Rotors

              It is important to go to regularly scheduled maintenance appointments for you vehicle. While we check the brakes, we will also look at the rotors. Your brakes themselves might be fine, but you

Remember to Inspect the Tires

  Even though most people know the importance of general car maintenance, a majority will still miss checking the tires until one becomes flat. It is very important to have the tires inspected to see if they need to be

Having your Vehicle Ready for Winter

  Cold weather can be particularly tough on cars, although most new vehicles are designed to operate well in all types of temperatures. There are some tips to keep your vehicle running efficiently during the winter months. A car’s coolant